About Mayuri, Toshiro & zombies

I ‘ve been thinking, you know how some people say Mayuri couldn’t have a cure for the zombification because Giselle’s power was only just revealed (like what? An hour or two ago?) (Canon time). But what about; and I just remembered this myself, Jidanbo? Remember he attacked the 12th during the first invasion. Which was about 2 1/2 - 3 days ago and his skin color was darker than normal, meaning he was a zombie. Now I’m pretty sure he was killed off permanently, I don’t remember anything about Jidanbo still being alive. However doesn’t anyone think that Mayuri would have thought “Hey, the sternritters have the power to turn us into puppets (we now know znombies). Maybe I should make some sort of antidote for it? In case it happens to a captain. And maybe have a little fun while l`m at it.” Because you know, shrugs Mayuri. The more I think about the more I believe Kubo is going to have Kurotsuchi save Toshiro, even if it is in a twisted way. But again, Mayuri. Because logically from a plot point of view it doesn’t make any sense to permanently kill Hitsugaya off. Even non Hitsugaya fans have pointed this out.

Also hoping for the return of Rangiku soon.

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I hate that I can’t do any colorings of the new Bleach chapter for another 9 days. *sigh* :-| Having no internet sucks.


Artist by : Nadame || Coloring by --> Bri Bri
With 91% percent of the vote in the final face-off, BIGBANG’s VIPs beat Thirty Seconds to Mars’ Echelon to be declared the winner of Billboard’s Fan Army Face-Off.” [link] 
- Good job vips! what a great way to celebrate bigbang’s 8th anniversary with this win^^~ now yg give us that  bb comeback we deserve lol

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A necessary "Ciel Phantomhive is a precious cutie" photoset

On a happier note; I got five doujinshi being shipped to me. Three hitsuhina and two hitsumatsu.




Artist :andame

How is it I never use the internet on my phone, but when I need it my usage times gets eaten up *snap* like that.


Free! :: Nagisa Hazuki
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I recommended Corpse Party to my mom. She liked it. :-)


Looks like i”ll be without internet until the first. I can still use my phone for tumblr and some web browsing so I won’t miss the new chapter but i”ll be limited. This couldn’t happen at a worst time. However l”ll use this time off the internet to make gifs and colorings to fill up my queue. I”ll miss you all. Being without internet is driving me crazy

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